About Us

Since Harpers opened its doors in 1926, the goal has been to provide our community, Penn State students and alumni, faculty, staff and regional customers with the best of the best. A big part of that commitment is our policy of extraordinary customer service provided by our personable and experienced staff. Custom alterations by our team of seasoned tailors are another part of our rich tradition. We believe in treating our customers like friends. That's not typical, but neither is Harpers.

Harpers was founded in a different era, before the rise of chain stores and mass merchandising, which made every store start to look and feel the same. We stay true to our specialty store tradition by hand-selecting every single item that we feature in the store. Our buying team searches markets worldwide for products that meet our standards of quality, style, and value. We strive to offer exclusive fashion — apparel that lasts — and we are continually adding more American-made designer lines to our store collection.

Locally Owned Business

Brian Cohen, owner and third-generation of his family's clothing business (Young Mens Shop and Jack Harper's) has lived and worked in State College for over 30 years.

Joe Cohen and The Blanket Award

Joe Cohen, who opened Young Men's Shop in 1926, now known as Harpers, was an avid supporter of local sport teams (his favorite being football) in Altoona, PA. Joe's alma mater, Altoona High School, and the local Catholic high school, Bishop Guilfoyle, are annually bestowed with what we believe to be the oldest continuing high school athletic award in the country. The Blanket Award is presented to the most valuable senior football player in each high school. This award has been given annually for the last eighty years and counting.